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How to Manage Your Eco-Anxiety

Anouchka Grose

Magic Cat


"An essential mental-health handbook for the next generation" - Vanessa Nakate HOW DOES CLIMATE CHANGE MAKE YOU FEEL? SAD? AFRAID? POWERLESS? GUILTY? YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE FEELING THIS WAY. Drawing on years of experience as a psychoanalyst, Anouchka Grose shares cutting-edge insights on how to manage your eco-anxiety. You'll find out how to validate your emotions. You'll learn how to build your resilience. You'll even discover the comfort that can be found in your community. Ten accessible steps will help you understand your eco-anxiety, and the toolkit at the end of each step will allow you to grow with the knowledge and learn how your are part of the solution. You'll finish this book feeling equipped with the solutions and practical action needed to make a real difference to the planet, to others, and to yourself.

How to Manage Your Eco-Anxiety
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