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Odd Things

The O Show, Oriana Fox

You're Only as Sick as Your Secrets, with Hamja Ahsan, Jess Love and Kim Noble.

Odd Things. Anna's sculpture

Anna Daniell's 'Interview With a Depressed Sculpture'

at Oslo Town Hall Tower, 2018

Odd Things. Cahoonas

Wig Wearing for Cahoonas Hair Hub

Hunger TV, at Peckham Levels, 2018.

Odd Things. Pandemonia2

Meeting Miss Pandemonia at 'Art on the Mind'

a fundraising event for Cardboard Citizens, 2018.
Photo by Joanna Dudderidge.

SHOWstudio panel, 2017

Odd Things. fanpages


Fanpages, edited by Bay Garnett and Kira Joliffe, 2016

Martin Creed and his Band, Venetian Blinds Festival, Venice Bienale, 2015

Odd Things. Gaudiamore

Samuel Fouracre's 'Gaudiamore'

'Gaudiamore', a film about five women's relationship with clothes, with Suad Garayeva, Anouchka Grose, Dot Grose Forrester, Melissa Jordan and Sarah Johnson, 2012.

Odd Things. octopus cake

Octopus Birthday Cake, 2015

Chocolate brownie, made with Dot Grose Forrester.

Odd Things. whole cake

The Art Car Boot Fair

Cheap Romantic Advice Stall, June 2009
Odd Things. charlotte advice

Nina Myskow, Grant McMahon, Martin Creed and Anouchka Grose give advice to two customers.
Odd Things. group advice

Argue With a Woman, 1 a minute, June 2010
Odd Things. argue

Novels Started While-U-Wait, Harrods 2010

Bespoke novel-starting service, with kind support from Cartier.
Odd Things. harrods1

Odd Things. harrods2
With Devorah Baum, photos by Josh Appignanesi

Odd Things. little novel

Art Car Boot Fair

Novel Starting Stall, 2008
Odd Things. little boot

Odd Things. big boot
with Antonia Manoochehri

Odd Things. russia gig
Playing lap steel with Martin Creed's band in St Petersburg, 2011
 29th September 2020

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