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Latest. Climate coverOur individual lives are played out in the context of the wider world, and our innermost thoughts are interwoven with perceptions that arrive from outside. If the very planet we live on seems to be on course to total ecological collapse, how can any of us hope to keep going? Whereas “talking about the weather” used to be synonymous with having a boring chat, nowadays it’s just as liable to incite panic.

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Published by Watkins, 8th September 2020

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Watch XR Writers Rebel action at 55 Tufton Street.

Book Launch: in conversation with Ed Gillespie

XR Southwark Regenerative Culture Group Q&A with Conor McMeel

Latest. Granta

Granta 151: Membranes, Spring 2020

Membranes are porous biological interfaces that regulate flows between one zone and another, allowing some substances to pass and blocking others. This issue, guest-edited by award-winning writer Rana Dasgupta, is devoted to currents of all kinds, and to the barriers that check them.

Featuring new poetry from Andrew McMillan and Tishani Doshi, photography from Ruchir Joshi, Arturo Soto Gutierrez, Monica de la Torre and Anita Khemka, as well as cutting-edge fiction and thought-provoking essays:

Fatin Abbas on the border between Sudan and South Sudan
Lydia Davis on faultlines in families
Mark Doty on homelessness in New York City
Anouchka Grose on infidelity and the idea of the unwanted third
Daisy Hildyard on membranes in the human body
Adam Jasper on Christian Enzensberger and 'smut'
Kapka Kassabova on lakes and Europe
Anita Roy on the newt
Eyal Weizman on contemporary architectural strategies for repelling and dividing people
 18th May 2022

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